Mantua Township patrol summary, Dec. 5 to 11

The following are on file at the Mantua Township Police Department.

Dec. 5

  • Units responded to a crash just after midnight where a vehicle struck a pole on Main Street by Center Street.
  • Patrols had to escort a school bus from Wenonah to the Bankbridge School because students were acting unruly on the bus and attempting to jump off.
  • Officers responded to the Chick-Fil-A because someone damaged the sign.
  • Units responded to a minor crash where a public works trash truck was involved. There were no injuries reported.
  • Patrols responded to a vehicle that was taken without the owners permission and was located in Wenonah.
  • Officers responded to the Target store for shoplifting and arrested the female that was accused. She was also found to be in possession of drugs. She was processed and released.
  • Patrols responded to a hit-and-run crash that had occurred on Route 45 and the vehicle fled towards the Home Depot.
  • Units investigated a drone that was flying at window heights of homes.

Dec. 6

  • Patrols responded to a ride-share driver that had a passenger that would not wake up as they were intoxicated.
  • Officers responded to a vehicle that struck a domestic animal on Center Street in the area of Trenton Avenue.
  • Units responded to a crash in the parking lot of the Chick-Fil-A in which a vehicle crossed a median striking a vehicle.
  • Officers took a report for a theft of packages from Wenonah that were located in the woods behind the victim’s house.
  • Patrols responded to a dispute between a mother and son.
  • Units assisted Glassboro Police Department with a subject that had made threats that was currently home in our town.
  • Officers responded to a single vehicle crash on Bridgeton Pike involving a deer.
  • Units responded to a domestic assault between a couple. The male was arrested for simple assault and lodged in the county jail. A temporary restraining order was granted.
  • Patrols responded to the Pinebrook Apartments for a theft of a key.

Dec. 7

  • Officers took possession of a found dog on Lambs Road until the owner could be located.
  • Patrols responded to Hawk’s Deli in Wenonah for a juvenile that had stolen the tip jar. The juvenile was located and all money was returned. No charges were pressed against the juvenile.
  • Units participated in Wenonah’s annual tree lighting ceremony at their park.
  • Cpl. Hauss and Special Officer Flem conducted a car stop and arrested the driver for DUI. Their blood alcohol concentration (bac) was .18 percent.

Dec. 8

  • Officers removed a pallet that was in the roadway just after midnight.
  • Units responded to an elderly male that had passed during the night.
  • Officers served a restraining order to a resident that was obtained.
  • Patrols took a report for a suicidal subject that was last known to be in Monroe Township area.
  • Units took a report for a hit-and-run crash that occurred overnight in the Centre City development.
  • Units responded to a crash on Tylers Mill Road and Glassboro Road.
  • Patrols responded to a crash on Glassboro Road by the entrance to the Lowes shopping center.
  • Sgt Herner conducted a motor vehicle stop and arrested an occupant for possession of drugs. They were processed and released.
  • Units responded to a hit and run crash that occurred while in the Dollar Tree Shopping Center. The victim’s car was struck while they were inside the store.

Dec. 9

  • Officers responded to Peach County Tractor for a shoplifting that had just occurred where the suspects took outdoor power tools.
  • Units responded to a male acting erratic by the Fulton Bank. Officers investigated he was waiting for the bus.
  • Patrols responded to a minor crash in the parking lot of the Sewell Post Office.
  • Units responded to the Lowes store for a report that the caller’s vehicle was damaged while he was in the store.
  • Officers took a few reports for theft of mail from Wenonah.
  • Patrols responded to a crash on Glassboro Road near the entrance to Route 55.
  • Patrols responded to another crash on Glassboro Road but this one was near Lambs Road.
  • Officers, along with the fire department, responded to a vehicle that struck the traffic light at Main Street and Mount Royal Road, knocking it over and into the vehicle. The vehicle continued until it became disabled. Officers arrested the driver for DUI and also charged her with child endangerment as her child was also in the vehicle.

Dec. 10

  • Officers responded to a tree across the roadway on Jackson Road in the area of Breakneck Road. The fire department responded to cut the tree up.
  • Patrols along with the fire department and EMS, responded to a three vehicle crash on Main Street by Tylers Mill Road.
  • Units took a report for fraudulent charges to their bank account.
  • Officers responded to a wellbeing check for a neighbor that has not been seen for a while. Further investigation found the elderly neighbor to be deceased.
  • Patrols took a report for a fraud investigation in which the victim gave her bank account information over the phone.
  • Ptl. Bair took a report for fraud and arrested the accused. She was processed and released.
  • Ptl. Crispin installed a car seat for a resident that had questions on how to properly install it.
  • Units assisted a motorist that had locked their keys in their vehicle while at the Lowes store.
  • Patrols responded to a crash on Mantua Boulevard at Wenonah Avenue where one vehicle needed to be towed from the scene.
  • Officers responded to a crash on Berkley Road by Harrison Avenue involving multiple vehicles. There were a few minor injuries and vehicles needed to be towed.
  • Units responded to a hit and run crash that occurred on Glassboro Road near Timbercrest Drive.

Dec. 11

  • Patrols responded to two suspicious vehicles at the Target store at 1 a.m. Further investigation found that one occupant was in possession of drugs. He was processed and released.
  • Officers responded to a minor crash involving a school bus in which there was one student on board. There were no reported injuries.
  • Patrols located a tractor and trailer that was involved in a crash in East Greenwich Township and fled the area.
  • Ptl Hasselman and Ptl. Krieger served a warrant that was just issued in court for a subject that did not appear. He was arrested, posted bail and was released.
  • Officers along with the fire department investigated a report of wires down on the sidewalk on Berkley Road.
  • Units responded to a dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend.