Haddonfield native, bicoastal actress working on a dream

Narducci quickly making an imprint on screen.

Grace Narducci, born and raised in Haddonfield, has forged an acting career that’s about to expand to both coasts. Recently, Narducci scored her biggest screen role to date: a two-episode arc on the long-running NBC series, “Law & Order: SVU.” (Photo credit: David Muller Photography/Special to the Sun)

Grace Narducci has her head in the clouds, but her feet planted firmly on the ground. She’s about to spread her acting wings and head off to Los Angeles, already having established herself in New York acting circles while anchored by a strong community here in Haddonfield.

Narducci’s family has strong roots in the borough, and Grace is a proud graduate of Tatem Elementary School, Haddonfield Middle School and Paul VI High School. Her journey began, as it always does, with local theater experience at an impressionable stage of life.

“I actually started doing theater locally at Haddonfield Plays & Players when I was in grade school, and that’s where I got the bug. Then, in middle school, I started taking things a bit more seriously – that’s when I started traveling to New York. In high school, I would go up there over weekends and whenever I could to audition for anything, and to take various acting classes,” she said during a conversation with The Sun on Dec. 10.

“I was very lucky to have very supportive parents (to do that at a young age).”

Throughout her teen years, Narducci made the schlep to Manhattan by bus to study at name-brand locales such as the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and Upright Citizens Brigade.

“When I was about 15, I attended Stella Adler, and then at 17 – when I was a senior in high school – I attended the UCB classes and then also took private acting lessons,” she said. “That’s when I started auditioning professionally, through an agent. I started working when I was about 17 on ‘What Would You Do?’ on ABC, and also did a spot on the reboot of ‘Murphy Brown’ on CBS.”

Flexibility is the name of the game – in acting and in education – and Narducci isn’t just relying on her professional experience to carry her along.

After graduating from Paul VI in 2018, Narducci has been able to continue her studies through Penn State’s World Campus Program, to accommodate her unique circumstances.

“I found it appealing because it works around my schedule and I can still do my school work on a train, a bus, whatever or wherever I have time and space,” she said.

No word yet on whether her biggest role to date might influence the future course of her academic goals. Narducci recently wrapped shooting a bigger part, that of Ivy Bucci, on NBC’s long-running “Law & Order: SVU.” The two-part episode had its fall finale on Nov. 21, while part two is scheduled to air on Jan. 7.

“I auditioned for the show once before, which was my first professional audition, and it was for a one-liner, a small part. I didn’t get it and it was such a bummer to not get this ‘rite of passage’ as a New York actor,” she explained.

“I was in classes and kept on auditioning for other things, but then in October, I went in again for a more prominent role. I had a call back the next day, met with the director and writers on the show, and they’ve been on so long they have it down to a science. I got the role on the day after my birthday. I was up there filming for the rest of the month.”

Not satisfied with working the eastern acting scene, Narducci has plans to tackle whatever Los Angeles has to offer.

“I was actually just out in L.A. My manager was out there and I talked with a few people. I do plan on going out in the beginning of 2020 for a while longer to test the waters, to see if I like it. There are other opportunities on the west coast. I’m not really picky when it comes to taking roles, because there are great chances to do things like Netflix and Hulu,” she offered.

Now a seasoned pro, Narducci isn’t affected by what’s to come in a new environment where many she’ll meet aren’t aware of her talent.

“There’s always a hundred no’s and one yes, and you can’t take it personally. I’ve learned so much about that over the last couple years, working with casting directors, having fun and just being myself. That’s why I decided to commit to this: to have fun, and not be distracted by all the mind games. Just do the job as much as you can.”

For a comprehensive list of credits, visit Narducci’s acting bio at: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8263183/.