Clearview Regional announces November student awards

Clearview Regional High School district released its November Act of Kindness recipients, as well as Student of the Month and Pioneer of the Month recipients.

November’s Acts of Kindness Students.

November’s Acts of Kindness students:

Blake Watson, Paige Bathurst, Amy Chowning, Kaitlyn DuBeau, Xavier Charlton, Alexis Berg and Allison Nguyen.
November’s Student and Pioneer of the Month.

November’s Student of the Month:

Ryan Remaly, Nicholas Maciocha, Matthew McPoyle, Mia Martorano, Serafina Fox, Maria Wills, Aiden McCullough, Teagan Hazen, Dennis Riggs and Morgan Gadomski.

November’s Pioneer of the Month:

Brian Murphy, Zoe Miloszewski, Talia Caira and Taylor Hunt.