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Shawnee students ‘give kids the world’

Top row from left: Ella Purfield, Jennifer O’Connell, Michael Osmond, Lucy Clapperton Rachel Zhao, Sydney Robinson, Jordan Masters, Diane Kelly, and Abigail Rusnak.
Bottom row from left: Meghan Michalowski, Catherine McGlynn, Christina Ackerman, Olivia Cuff, Ellie Wetterau, Molly Hill, Ashley Martin, Julia Dobis, Caylie Dwyer and Julia Siragusa (Shawnee High School/Special to The Sun).

Sixteen members of the Make-A-Wish Club at Shawnee volunteered at Give Kids the World Village for four days. The students served food, operated rides, escorted children on horses and ponies, and contributed much more as they volunteered their time to interact with children and their families facing critical illnesses. The village depends on volunteers to help make a magical time for these special children.

The group of students were Christina Ackerman, Lucy Clapperton, Olivia Cuff, Julia Dobis, Caylie Dwyer, Molly Hill, Ashley Martin, Jordan Masters, Catherine McGlynn, Meghan Michalowski, Ella Purfield, Sydney Robinson, Abigail Rusnak, Julia Siragusa, Ellie Wetterau and Rachel Zhao.

Chaperoning the trip were Diane Kelly, Christine Musick, Michael Osmond and Jennifer O’Connell.

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