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Letter to the Editor: Bill Brown

Longtime borough resident, former head of the Haddonfield Japan Exchange, praised local youth for kindness returned.

To the Editor: 

Recently, the Haddonfield 65 Club rang the bell for the Salvation Army at the ACME Market as we do annually all day during one Friday in December. I had the pleasure of serving the last shift from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

During my shift, a young high school student arrived at the ACME door by bicycle, he didn’t have a lock for his bike and with concern, carefully propped it up near the planter, out of the way of customers. I noticed his concern leaving the unlocked bike, and informed him that he could relax, I was here and would make sure that his bike was safe as he shopped. 

In a few minutes, he was out of the ACME, thanked me for watching his bike, and presented me with a very nice bag of chocolates. He added the comment, that he appreciated the volunteer services that many people in town provide. He was wearing a Haddonfield swim team sweatshirt, and is a sophomore at Haddonfield Memorial High School, which prompted a short discussion on the events he swam and his times. I was impressed with his times as I swam similar events in high school almost 65 years ago. 

He was a truly impressive young man, an example of the students who attend HMHS, and as a result, the community is in good hands.

Bill Brown

Haddonfield, N.J. 

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