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Mayors Message: Be civil

Mayor Michael DiCroce promotes civility and the sharing of ideas by residents in his latest Mayor's Message.

Our system of government is based on the airing of differing opinions and compromise, resolving issues, finding solutions without unnecessary governmental interference or infringing on our God-given, and Constitutionally-protected, rights as Americans.

Unfortunately, when anyone acts in an uncivil way, they’re refusing to engage in the respectful dialogue that’s necessary to achieve what’s best for our neighbors and town.

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We haven’t had, nor do we want, this type of disrespectful behavior that you see in Philadelphia or in national politics. We don’t want more of the “nanny” state, higher taxes, unneeded laws, disrespectful actions or ungrateful people who think they know better than you as to how to run your life. It’s opposite to the principle foundation of our government.

More than politeness, civility in government is the glue that holds our republic and town together. Civility means good manners or how people speak and behave, but that’s only part of being civil.

That people speak and what is substantively communicated are also key components. We encourage that and are so pleased many of you have taken the time out of your busy lives to be with us at our township meetings, as many of you have for years. Also, we hear more compliments and very few complaints, thank you!

Respectful sharing of differing viewpoints and compromise around policy makes for civility in government and this leads to less political polarization.

For those people who have recently moved to Shamong, and are now participating in our meetings, let me say that we welcome you to what I like to call “Our little slice of heaven.” Finding fault and casting blame on someone else is always easy and mostly unproductive. We are looking for people to contribute good ideas, make lives happier and healthier, helping neighbors and building people up.

I love it that our neighbors will go our their way to help each other – often times before calling the government. Let’s keep that.Look around, spirit in on the rise in Shamong!

We have more community events than ever before like the tree lighting celebration at Atsion Lake; the second annual Crossroads Christmas celebration that was attended by hundreds last year; the Boys and Girls Scouts food pantry drive hosted by the Indian Mills United Methodist Church; the newly announced IMMS food pantry drive; the revived and active historical society; Atsion Day celebration and the many other organizations and events that we are encouraging.

We invite you to help build up Shamong, bring your new ideas as to how to make our town more friendly and safe for families, businesses, students and visitors alike.

That’s what we are trying to do: achieve what’s best for all of our neighbors and town as a whole. Come join us we would like a big beautiful art sculpture for the cemetery; create an Indian Mills October community fest; create new jobs; support our local businesses and churches; and lower taxes.

As we wrap up another awesome year, let’s be grateful for this beautiful town, for America and for the blessings bestowed upon us.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and happy “Festivus for the Rest of Us!”


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