Palmyra Board of Education honors students of the month

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, the Palmyra Board of Education recognize their students of the month and honored Deanna Bailey, Aniyah Davis, Fiona Hennigan, Sam Adams and Alpha Bah.

Palnyra Superintendent Brian McBride speaks during the Palmyra Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 13.

The Palmyra Board of Education recognized its students of the month on Nov. 13  and answered questions on short lunch times, the music department and the elementary school’s world language classes. Board members also discussed Veterans Day and received updates from the Palmyra High School Foundation for Educational Excellence.

“My favorite part of the meeting is where we stop and recognize our students of the month,” said Palmyra Superintendent Brian McBride. “They’ve been recognized by their teachers, sometimes by their peers in the school and their administrators.

“It’s important to take this time because our students work really hard every day. They are ambassadors of their schools, grade levels and classmates.”

Chris Tracey, principal at the Charles Street School, honored two students at the meeting: Deanna Bailey and Aniyah Davis. Tracey spoke highly of both students and the unique qualities that make them special.

“For student of the month, we like to choose someone that stands out,” Tracey explained. [Deanna] definitely stands out. She is a kind young lady who’s always eager to help her classmates and teachers.

“She always has a positive attitude and you can always find her in a pleasant mood. She’s a hard worker.”

“[Aniyah] learns quickly and she has become an example for others to follow,” Tracey noted. “She has always shown a strong interest in learning and has shown a keen ability in working with others. When going outside on science explorations she acts as a young researcher.

“She’s an all-around enthusiastic student.”

After Bailey and Davis were honored, Palmyra High School and Middle School Assistant Principal  Jared Toscano recognized Fiona Hennigan, Sam Adams and Alpha Bah.

“Sam is very mature for his age,” said Toscano. “He excels in history class and never misses an assignment or forgets to study for a quiz or a test. However, his grades aren’t why I chose him for this award. The reason why I singled him out … is because he makes our school a better place.

“He is beloved by all of his teachers because of his work ethic and kindness.”

“When asked to choose a student of the month from the history department it was not hard to think of a student to nominate,” Toscano continued. “Fiona is every history teacher’s  dream student. Always willing to participate, I know I can call on her to answer a question. She thinks deeply and is not afraid to make her voice heard.

“She is the definition of a leader.”

“Alpha is new to the Palmyra High School and he has already done a great job in establishing himself as one of the top students in my class,” said Toscano. “Since the first day of school, he has confidently and successfully excelled in my U.S. History II class.

“He is a hard worker. He is a pleasure to have in class.”

As the meeting wound down after the presentations, and during public comment, several parents expressed to the board their concerns about short lunch times at the Palmyra Middle School, the lack of accessibility to chorus within the district and their desire for the elementary school to continue its world language classes.

Superintendent McBride assured the parents that he and the board understood their concerns and said the school has met the legal requirements. He did agree that  improvements can be made.