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Resident empowered to become published author

After heading on a spiritual journey to find herself 15 years ago, Medford resident Maria Sibilla compiled what she learned in a book she hopes will inspire others.

Sibilla’s book, “With Your inner Spirit,” flew off the presses last month, solidifying her chance to obtain a title she’s longed for: published author.

When I was 38, I felt a strong pull in my heart and soul to try to find my true purpose in life,” she explained. “That’s when I was searching on my journey within and took a lot of courses and started to read.

“I always had a strong desire to write, and that’s when I was told I was going to write books to help women and girls.

She noted her book was written to encourage others to connect “with their inner self, spirit or God.” Her book contains anecdotes from her life about how she was able to recondition her thoughts to release limits on belief and learn how to “dream and visualize your higher self.”

The book, which the author describes as mostly being an empowerment book, was a culmination of Sibilla looking for something more out of her happy life. Noting that she always saw herself as a writer when she was younger and loved reading books, she knew she had to write one of her own.

I read a lot of books on the creative process,” she said. “The book came to me. All of the ideas would come to me and I’d write them down and I was divinely led to write.

After she wrote her book, Sibilla completed a manuscript for it, but put it aside while she started her blog. Shortly after that, she revisited the text, made changes and sent it off to a publisher to be accepted, then printed.

I’ve been getting good reviews, and people have been saying they like it and it’s a reminder that the world really is our oyster and we just have to believe that and take action,” Sibilla said.

In a tough decision on what form of media would convey her message, Sibilla said she stuck with books, for the moment, as it was her main calling and she sought to fulfill it. In the future, she hopes to do public speaking, but for now, she’s content with her blog.

I always saw myself as a writer of books,” she revealed. “When I was searching for my true purpose, I was told I was going to write books and it was going to be a part of it.

To purchase Sibilla’s book, visit either Amazon, Barnes and Noble or IUniverse’s websites.

As for Sibilla’s future, she sees herself writing more books, but hasn’t decided on the topics.

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