County’s Certified Gardener program announces new class series for 2020

A new season of Certified Gardener classes will be starting soon at the Gloucester County Offices of Government Services Complex at 1200 N. Delsea Drive, Clayton.

The certified gardeners are community volunteers trained in environmentally friendly gardening. This is a year-round program that includes lectures and hands-on learning. The class meets each Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon from January through May. The hands-on portion of the program occurs through a variety of community outreach projects including the Butterfly House and Historic Gardens at the Red Bank Battlefield Park, demonstration, historic, donation and beautification gardens throughout the county and through educational outreach events that are open to the public.

The class is open to all residents of New Jersey. Topics covered in the program include gardening naturally, composting, plant pests and diseases, propagation, native plants, pruning, lawn care and more. The program also requires participants to volunteer service hours toward certified gardener projects, activities and events throughout the year.

If you have an interest in gardening and volunteering this program is for you! Both experienced and beginning gardeners can gain valuable education and experience through this unique program.

There is a $150.00 fee, which covers educational materials and speaker fees. The program is free to veterans. Those interested in joining can call the GC Office of Land Preservation at (856) 307-6456 or email for more information.