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Sun Editorial: Veterans Day

Show your support and appreciation for veterans in a meaningful way

Veterans Day is Monday. We should focus on the meaning behind the day – honoring all veterans the best way we can.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with speeches, parades and services. And thanking a vet for his or her service is appropriate, too.

But we can and should crank it up a bit. Like with free stuff.

If you’re a veteran, make sure to check out militarybenefits.info, which has a list of free things on and around Veterans Day.

If you’re not a veteran and want to do something meaningful, here are a few ideas that are appropriate not only on Veterans Day, but any day:

Volunteer or donate to a veterans support organization. A simple internet search will turn up many groups that would welcome your support.

Put together a care package. Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey is a great place to start if you need more information.

Own a business? Give a veteran a job.

Visit a veterans hospital.

Talk to your kids about what service to our nation means and the sacrifices our veterans make to keep our country safe. Encourage them to write a letter to someone in the military.

The list could go on, and you should feel free to share your ideas through a letter to the editor.

Taking a moment to remember and honor veterans on their day is the right thing to do. But let’s not begin and end with ceremonies. Let’s honor our veterans in tangible ways that truly touch their lives.

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