Lower Forge hosting presentation on recycling, sustainability

Do you want to make sure that your recycling is picked up and your cart not left behind? Learn how to recycle correctly. Join the folks at Lower Forge Brewery’s Green Brewing Series to learn how. 

On America Recycles Day — Nov. 15 — at 4 p.m., the brewery will host a presentation from Rachel Barton, CRP, SRMP, CCCC, Burlington County Clean Communities Coordinator/Burlington County Assistant District Recycling Coordinator. There will be a slide show and virtual tour of the Burlington County Recycling Center as well as a physical display of both good and bad examples for curbside recycling.

The public is invited to attend, as this is sure to be helpful as people figure out just what and how to recycle properly. 

Lower Forge Brewery has been registered as a sustainable business in New Jersey since 2017. They believe in putting their hands and actions where their opinions lie and they renewed their registration in 2019.

Since its inception, brewery owner Sean Galie has introduced the idea of “Green Brewing” to their business and he continues to seek innovative ways to reduce the footprint of their small family business even further. The Galie family is involved in volunteering in their community on a variety of activities. 

Sean’s mother and fellow brewer, Pola, also feels the importance of conservation and sustainability and she volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors of Sustainable South Jersey as well as the Medford Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee/Green Team.

Both Sean and Pola are active in the New Jersey Waste Wise Business Network and Sustainable Lecture Series, striving to learn how to keep as much as our brewing by products out of the landfill and water treatment plant as possible, as well as to reduce other waste by purchasing as many ingredients as possible from local farmers as well as providing local farmers with spent grain for animal feed and composting. 

Please plan on stopping by for this informative and importation presentation to mark Nov. 15 as America Recycles Day! 

For more information about America Recycles Day, visit AmericaRecyclesDay.org. For more information about Burlington County recycling, visit Co.Burlington.NJ.US/345/Recycling. For more information about Lower Forge Brewery, visit LowerForge.com.