Mullica Hill resident releases her first book

Angela Sette recently published "Opening Our Minds to Our Brains’ Potential,” a story of finding the best version of oneself.

Angela Sette, health science coach, mother of three children and resident of Mullica Hill for the past 16 years, recently published her first book, “Opening Our Minds to Our Brains’ Potential.” 

It examines the trials and tribulations of raising children, dealing with death and finding the best version of oneself. 

Through her own stories of struggles and successes, Sette hopes to take the reader on a journey that inspires them to achieve despite any obstacle. Throughout the book, she explores how the people and experiences in her life, both good and bad, have shaped her into the person she is today. 

“I want to empower people to do more with their lives,” Sette said. 

She started writing about five years ago on her mother’s first birthday after her death from lung cancer. Sette wanted to do something special that day, so she began writing inspirational and motivational quotes on Instagram to lift spirits and make other people feel good about themselves. 

Sette gained a following and positive responses from what she wrote and began to feel that she could inspire people. So she kept writing. About two years later, she started to use those same inspirational Instagram quotes and expand them into a book. 

“I wanted to do the same thing with Instagram but with a larger impact,” Sette explained.  “People are surprised that I put a lot of personal information in the book, but I did it intentionally because I wanted people to learn with their heart and not just with their minds.” 

One of the stories close to Sette’s heart is about her daughter Nicolette, whom she mentions multiple times throughout the book and who helped her experience the life changes she writes about in the book. 

Nicolette had been diagnosed with Electrical Status Epilepticus During Slow-wave Sleep (ESESS), a rare form of epilepsy that severely hinders the ability to fall asleep by producing nightmare-like experiences that occur almost every hour.  

Conventional medicine didn’t work for Nicolette. It was then that her mother discovered new ways to produce energy through other means, such as meditation, homeopathy, exercise and a good diet. 

“With all the research that I’ve done, I’ve been able to help people when they hit obstacles, when they want to push themselves further but feel like they can’t,” Sette said.

A book launch for “Opening Our Minds to Our Brains’ Potential” will be held at 6:30 p.m.,  Nov. 22, at American Legion Post 452, 141 N. Main St., Mullica Hill.  

A later book signing event will be held from 6 to 8 p.m., Dec. 13, at Haven in Mullica Hill,  43 S. Main St. 

For more information on Sette and her book, visit or visit her Instagram page by searching her full name.