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Mayor’s message: Mullica Hill Christmas ornaments

In this week's Mayor's Message, Mayor Louis Manzo talks about how and when residents can buy the new Mullica Hill Christmas ornament

As we approach Thanksgiving and our Lights on Main event, I want to make you aware of a couple things. You may have heard that we are issuing a Mullica Hill Christmas ornament this year that will be available to purchase at the Township Municipal Building. This will be an annual occurrence going forward, with a different location in town featured on the ornament each year. Naturally, we are kicking off this new tradition with Old Town Hall as the inaugural ornament. This is a beautiful, well-made keepsake that is currently on display in our (township) building and will be on exhibit inside Old Town Hall at our Lights on Main event on Nov. 30.

The cost of the ornament will be $20, with all proceeds being directed to the Main Street Beautification Fund. The double-edged benefit is that you get a hometown ornament to keep and know that your investment is directed to maintaining our tree or other Main Street trimmings. Initially, only 200 ornaments will be produced and there is a pre-order process under way. If you’re interested in reserving an ornament, you need to contact our Clerk’s Office at (856) 478-4111 or email lmoore@harrisontwp.us to place your order. The ornaments will arrive for pickup at the Township Municipal Building on Dec. 6.

We envision this becoming a collectible tradition with each year bringing a new ornament showcasing another historical place or building. The intent is to have previous year ornaments available for purchase every year, so you’ll always be able to backfill your collection. This is something we have talked about doing for years and we are excited to finally pull the trigger on it.

We are also adding a cool visual effect to Main Street on the side wall of Harmony Fire House. That large, gray block wall will be adorned with panels that will feature blown-up, historic photos of Mullica Hill to make it more aesthetically pleasing and connect us with our past. We have been working with the Harrison Township Historical Society, as they have provided access to their extensive collection of photos. We are so thankful for their help and participation with this endeavor.

Imagine driving by or sitting at the traffic light at the firehouse heading south and looking at a pictorial history of our town, instead of a cinderblock wall? We’ve imagined that and now we are making it a reality. We are trying to get this project completed in time for Lights on Main weekend, but most importantly, it will become a permanent part of our Main Street backdrop as an added enhancement.

As the holidays approach, we hope you view these two initiatives as early gifts we can all share as a community.

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