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Cinnaminson Fire Department partners with Palmyra Ambulance Association

Recently, Chief of the Cinnaminson Fire Department, William Kramer, and Chief of the Palmyra Ambulance Association, Dan Norman, created a video to present a new partnership between the organizations that will benefit both communities.

Special to the Sun: The Cinnaminson Fire Department on Riverton Rd.

The Cinnaminson Fire Department has announced a partnership with the Palmyra Ambulance Association to enhance services. 

Cinnaminson Chief William Kramer and Palmyra Chief Dan Norman created a video to present the new partnership to the community. Both departments will combine resources to benefit Palmyra, Cinnaminson and Riverton. 

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“The partnership that we established is a public-private partnership between the Cinnaminson Fire District and the Palmyra Ambulance Association,” said Kramer. “The purpose of which is to enhance EMS services to the residents of Cinnaminson. This program will ensure at least one ambulance 24/7, 365 is staffed here in Cinnaminson Township.”

“This partnership between the PMS agency and fire department will maintain an ambulance in Palmyra and at Station 2 on Taylor’s Lane in Cinnaminson,” Norman explained. “Utilizing the existing fire response areas, the closest ambulance will be dispatched without regard to municipal boundaries.”  

According to Norman, the partnership means that the ambulance at the Palmyra EMS station, located at 125 W. Broad St., will be dispatched first to certain areas of Cinnaminson. While looking at a map of Cinnanminson, Palmyra and Riverton, Norman noted that ambulance dispatching will be based on time

“Each ambulance will serve as the primary backup for each other,” he said. “When both are staffed and ambulances are on calls, mutual aid will be used.”

According to Kramer, the Palmyra Ambulance Association is funded through insurance company billing. That will not change. Whichever ambulance handles a call, that ambulance will bill a person’s insurance. The method and practices of payment will not change.

The Cinnaminson Fire Department and the Palmyra Ambulance Association have entered into an operational agreement that requires both organizations operate under the same policies, utilize the same equipment and ensure its members meet the same requirements. 

“The partnership will benefit the residents of not only Cinnaminson, but the entire triboro,” said Kramer. “No tax dollars will be used to support EMS services as long as we can cover our cost through billings and donations. Until we can get fully operational, the CFD ambulance will hit the streets on a part-time basis next month.” 

For more information about the partnership between the Palmyra Ambulance Association and the Cinnaminson Fire Department, watch the video on YouTube as well as the Cinnaminson Fire Department Facebook page. 


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