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Sun Editorial: Election Day

Show up at the polls Tuesday to cast your ballot

Tuesday is Election Day. It also could be called What Makes America Special Day. The day belongs to the American people, who have the opportunity to do something many people around the world do not: choose their leaders.   

In case you haven’t noticed, political debate is running a bit hot these days. For some, the higher than usual temperatures are inspiration to show up at the polls. But for others, all of the yelling could be off-putting, and they might decide to just check out and not exercise their right to vote.

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While that feeling is somewhat understandable, it also would be a mistake to give up your voice in how our government is run. America needs a thoughtful, informed electorate now more than ever.

Fortunately, getting informed is easier these days than ever before. Information is readily accessible. Voters can check out websites and social media accounts managed by the candidates themselves. They can search for information provided by sources not affiliated with any campaign. They can submit questions to candidates. They can discuss issues among themselves, not only at the office “water cooler,” but also online. Learning about the candidates and the issues isn’t like climbing a really tall mountain anymore.

Then it’s just a matter of showing up at the polls on Tuesday and doing your civic duty.

So, first, get informed about the candidates and their positions on issues important to you. Then, second, show up at the polls on Tuesday. There are important and possibly close contests on the ballot. Let your voice be heard.


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