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Harrison Township Committee approves new parking code, discusses Richwood project

Members approved an ordinance that removed parking restrictions in the Devonshire subdivision, while also discussing what could be the final negotiation for the long-awaited Richwood project.

During the latest Harrison Township Committee meeting, members approved an ordinance that made changes to a vehicle and traffic code, removing parking restrictions on certain streets.

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The ordinance, No. 33-2019, makes changes to parking restrictions on specific streets and courts in the Estates of Devonshire development in Mullica Hill. The decision amends Chapter 214-14, entitled “Parking prohibited at all times on certain streets.” 

These changes were made after residents became frustrated with the “no parking” signs that were erected on both sides of the street due to construction in the Devonshire subdivision.

During the committee’s inquiry into the issue, it found the ordinance at that time was more restrictive than needed. 

The code previously prohibited parking on both sides of the entire length of Columnar and Justin courts, and prohibited parking on the entire south side of Roseum Way, starting at the intersection with Route 45 and Woodstown Road. 

The changes now prohibit parking only on the north side of Columnar and Justin courts. Changes on Roseum Way now prohibit parking on the north side from block 52.02, lot 30 to block 52.2, lot 32; on the south side from the intersection of Autumn Court to block 52.02, lot 36; on the east side between the intersections of Justin Court and Country Lane; and the west side from block 52.02, lot 33 to block 52.02, lot 35, between the intersection of Mullica Hill-Woodstown Road and Justin Court and between the intersection of Country Lane and Autumn Court. 

Members also discussed the Richwood construction project, a plan that has been talked about for more than 10 years and has been in the negotiation stages over affordable housing for the last several. 

After speaking with the president of Madison Marquette, the site’s developer, and after attending a meeting last week to finalize settlement agreements, Mayor Louis Manzo announced to the committee that both parties are ready to sign those agreements to then be accepted by a judge during a court date in early January.

“That project does look like it’s going to move forward,” said Manzo.

In other news:

  • Harrison Township Historical Society President Robert Schumann announced the society officially accepted ownership of Richwood Academy from the Richwood Academy Association, a local landmark and a surviving example of the township’s village schools. The society is in the process of getting the academy listed on the New Jersey State and National Registers of Historic Places. A Certificate of Eligibility was granted to the location, citing it as “a rare surviving example of a vernacular two-story schoolhouse.” 

The next Harrison Committee meeting is scheduled for Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building. 


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