Cinnaminson Municipal Alliance to hold educational event at the Cinnaminson Library Oct. 29

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, the Cinnaminson Municipal Alliance will be holding and informational event called the “15 Minute Child Break”. The event starts at 6 p.m, and will discuss the parents role in drug prevention.

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, the Cinnaminson Municipal Alliance will host “15 Minute Child Break.” The informational event starts at 6 p.m. in the meeting room of the Cinnaminson Library and will feature a 45-minute workshop, dinner and a discussion surrounding proven techniques about talking to children about drugs. If needed, childcare will be provided, during which children will be in another library room taking part in a craft and activities.

Sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug Free NJ, the content will be presented by Lori Singley, a highly-qualified presenter in regard to drug prevention. The free event gives parents and residents the opportunity to engage in helpful conversation that will allow parents to further educate their children on the dangers of drugs and how to handle various situations.

According to the CMA, the number of youths facing nicotine, vaping, drug and alcohol addiction continues to grow in Burlington County and throughout the country. To combat the issue, the Cinnaminson Municipal Alliance is providing a safe free and friendly space to talk with the parenting residents of Cinnaminson about prevention techniques to use with their children.

“Research shows the best method to avoid drug and alcohol use is consistent strategic communication combined with a positive support system,” said Kim Mauroff, a member of the CMA. “It is difficult for any parent to visualize his or her child in harmful situations, but it becomes even more challenging when we permit negative stigma and judgment to frame the issue. Drug and alcohol addiction can impact anyone; all of our children are susceptible. As a community we can learn together and prevent a growing problem.”

According to Mauroff, the role of parents is essential in drug prevention. While everyone enters the conversation with their own perception of when to have the conversation about drugs with their children, the event allows for scenario-based questions that will allow parents to meet their children at a level playing field and to create a space where it is not uncomfortable to talk with your child.

“Family time is the perfect opportunity to talk to your child about drug prevention,” said Mauroff. “Whether it’s at dinner or driving in a car, it’s important to have that time because kids who know their boundaries and expectations in advance, tend to make better decisions based on drugs and alcohol. Family time gives the opportunity to set these expectations. After that the conversation can grow and develop into scenarios, decision making and how to handle peer pressure.”

According to Mauroff, by coming to this event, parents will be able to understand the science behind their child’s decision-making based on realizing what’s important to that age group and also by understanding the last part of a child’s brain to develop is the part that handles impulse control.

For those interested in the event, residents must register ahead of time due to limited seating. To register for the event, residents can email For residents looking to get more involved with the Cinnaminson Municipal Alliance, they can also send an email to