No further action taken on short-term rental ban ordinance

Council seeks more input, pledges commitment to integrity of neighborhoods.

At its latest meeting, Cherry Hill Township Council had no fresh ordinances to review on first or second reading. 

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An ordinance intended to halt short-term rentals throughout the township, based primarily on the testimony of residents on the 1100 block of Winding Drive regarding the “Ali House” but also encompassing the protests of residents in other sections of the township, was tabled at council’s previous public session. 

“There’s no action on the short-term rental ordinance that has been discussed at the last two meetings. When there will be action taken, we hope that it takes place before the end of the year, but that will clearly be part of the agenda that’s being posted,” said council president David Fleisher. 

At that Sept. 23 meeting, council informed the public that more discussion among its members and additional input from residents who have dealt with the downside to short-term rentals, as well as those who hold rental properties, would be needed before an ordinance would be re-introduced.

Several more residents, who had not previously attended meetings to make their feelings known, spoke out in favor of future legislation intended to curb issues that would arise from short-term rental properties. 

“I just want to reassure you we are committed to acting, we are committed to preserving the character and integrity of our neighborhoods. We just want to make sure we act in the best interest of the needs of our special Cherry Hill community. We’re taking our time to get feedback and to make sure the ordinance is crafted so we can do that,” added councilwoman Michele Golkow. 

In other news

  • Council passed two additional resolutions which inserted $35,000 into the 2020 budget: a $10K FEMA grant as well as $25K towards DUI enforcement in the township. 
  • In her closing comments, Golkow also stated that Public Works would begin its seasonal leaf collection on Oct. 21, at each residence’s curbside, through December, and that notice would be posted in each township neighborhood one week prior to each collection. 
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