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Letter to the Editor: Marianne Springer

Borough resident calling for change in Commissioner position.

To the Editor:

Last week, I saw a note of support for a candidate for Borough Commissioner, so I am taking the opportunity to write a few words on Colleen Bianco Bezich.  

I and my family have never been involved in local government and never affiliated ourselves to any one political party. We always considered the qualifications and platform of the candidate, when making our decision to vote. While I realize the other candidates might also be qualified for the office of Borough Commissioner, I think that our local government requires change. I want someone with a fresh perspective and strong desire to lead Haddonfield. I want someone who has the “roll up their sleeves” mentality that will get the job done with empathy and compassion for their neighbors.  I believe that Colleen can offer that new view and is up for this challenge. 

This summer, many homes were impacted by local flooding from severe storms that hit our area. Flooding has been a long-standing issue within this town due to its poor infrastructure. I witnessed severe tragedy as my neighbors had to leave their condemned home with nothing to show from their lifelong work. It was heartbreaking.  The water from one particular storm literally broke down the concrete foundation where the house stood. This was not just water in a home, but a complete destruction of all of their personal property. How does this happen in a town rated as No. 2 by S.J. magazine!? Our quality is life is being impacted, and we need a new vision, a new direction.

Colleen Bianco Bezich has the strength and offers transparency to local government that I find refreshing. She served with over 20 Camden County municipalities, including the Borough of Haddonfield. She has also spent over 10 years as a local government lawyer and oversaw the day-to-day operations of an entire township, while managing staff, handling collective bargaining negotiations and more. She already demonstrated her commitment to Haddonfield by serving on the zoning board and the Celebration Committee. 

We need someone who can bring change to our municipal government. Join me and others on Nov. 5 to make a difference in our community and vote for Colleen Bianco Bezich: wife, mother, small business owner, and public servant. 

Marianne Springer

Haddonfield, N.J.

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