CHPS experiencing ongoing ‘technology problems’

If you’ve been trying to contact someone within the Cherry Hill Public School systems sometime between Friday and today and haven’t heard back, don’t take it personally (at least not yet). The district’s been experiencing email and other technology-related outages since Friday. 

Barbara Wilson, the district’s public information officer, was tight-lipped about the source of the outages. 

“All I can confirm is we’re having technology problems,” Wilson said Tuesday afternoon.

The technology department noticed the problem early Friday morning, and the outages have affected some email accounts  as well as other systems within the district. She said not all of the district’s systems (though she didn’t specify which) have been affected by outages.

Wilson said their technology department is working around the clock to resolve the issues. She said they’re hopeful that they’ll have all the affected email accounts up and running by Friday, and the rest of the systems are getting restored gradually as well.

While there have been some calls to individuals schools, the outages haven’t seemed to hinder the community’s ability to contact the district. Wilson said they’re working with people on a case by case basis who reach out, and they’ve been able to address issues over the phone.

Wilson said she anticipates that the district will release a more extensive statement when their email systems are back online. To learn more about the school district, visit