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Letter to the Editor: Walter Weidenbacher

Borough resident expresses support for Commissioner in November.

To the editor: 

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Good fortune was smiling on Haddonfield the day Bob Marshall was appointed to fill the seat of outgoing Commissioner Moscatelli.

Commissioner Marshall took the reins of leadership immediately and commendably, taking on problems he had handled successfully many times during his long career. He hit the ground running, and hasn’t stopped.  We are now watching in real time that he is fully prepared in everything he does, especially his serious work to deal with the town’s summer storm impacts and Bancroft concerns.

Good fortune will be smiling still on Haddonfield, on Nov. 5, when Bob Marshall is chosen once again, this time by us—Jefferson’s “educated and informed electorate.”

Although the candidates’ debate is scheduled rather late in the campaign, Oct. 28, I am so looking forward to it, when we can see first-hand how Marshall’s very real accomplishments, experience, and leadership might compare with the others.

The list of residents endorsing Bob is growing exponentially, and already includes the names of such Haddonfield notables as (in random order): Joe Murphy, Tish Colombi, George Cox, Kim Custer, Jere Ablonczy, as well as past or current Board of Education members Glenn Moramarco, Heather Paoli, Mary Fagan, Joe Ehrhardt, Dennis Kelleher, Marsha Marshall, Maureen Eyles, Bob Little, and Chris Shultz. One married to Bob, and all notable for their active service to the community.

The name Robert A. Marshall appears in the fourth position on the ballot, and we must remember in this special election to vote for only one candidate.

Here’s hoping we have a huge turnout at the polls on Election Day and that it ends up telling us we chose Bob Marshall.

Walter Weidenbacher

Haddonfield, N.J.



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