Burlington Township planners approve application for car wash

The Burlington Township Planning Board approved a conditional use and minor site plan application for the construction of an auto car wash on Route 130.

The approval from the township planners came at a Sept. 12 board meeting where the applicant, 4486 South Route 130, LLC, submitted an application to build an Auto Wash location on Route 130. The site is located at the former Burlington Bowl & Recreation Center.

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The owner of Auto Wash, Christopher Vernon, explained to the township planners that he intends to create site improvements for the lot, as well as increase its “overall beautification,” while still maintaining the bowling alley structure.

Vernon already owns multiple Auto Wash locations in the Burlington County area, which are intended to serve as self-service car wash sites, that also factor in environmentally efficient uses during the wash process.

The applicant’s professionals explained that some of the efficient uses on-site include a water reclamation system that reclaims approximately 83 percent of the water used in the cleaning process as well as “high-tech” features where soap levels can be accurately measured during use.

The applicant’s professionals also reported that the current site of the bowling alley appears as an “asphalt desert” with approximately 100 percent impervious surface coverage on the lot. Upon approval of the applicant’s use for the site, the professionals said their plans include a reduction of the lot’s impervious surface coverage for stormwater management.

Although Burlington Township Mayor Brian Carlin raised questions to the applicant about matters on the site, such as the noise levels at the location regarding proposed plans to include more than 30 vacuum stalls for customers, the professionals explained the projected noise levels are within regulations of the township’s ordinances.

The professionals also explained the location’s hours of operation are planned to have the site closed by 7 p.m., with the intention that it would not affect the nearest residence, which, according to the applicant, is located approximately 300 feet away from the proposed site.

Following additional discussion between the applicant’s professionals and board members, a motion by the township planners was made to approve the application for its conditional use and minor site plans. The motion unanimously passed.

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