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DOT awards Evesham Township $275,000 grant for sidewalk extension

Sidewalk extension expected to help residents with disabilities live more independently.

Evesham Township has been approved for funding to extend nearly 600 feet of sidewalk along North Elmwood Road to fully connect the Inglis Gardens at Evesham independent housing complex to nearby Evesboro-Medford Road.

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But more importantly, the township will fully connect residents with disabilities to the banks, convenience stores, churches and other amenities needed to live their lives freely.

Evesham Township is pleased to announce the Department of Transportation has awarded the township $275,000 from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund for the township’s Inglis House Sidewalk Extension project.

Evesham Township Council passed a resolution earlier this year approving the submission of the grant request to the state’s Local Aid Infrastructure Fund program. Among other uses, the program allows New Jersey’s counties and municipalities to apply for funding for pedestrian safety projects.

With the newly awarded funds, the township will be able to install about 600 feet of additional sidewalk from the intersection of North Elmwood Road and Ross Way in order to meet the intersection of North Elmwood Road and Evesboro-Medford Road. The grant will also provide for drainage improvements along the sidewalk.

This new sidewalk extension will complement the township’s previous work, where in recent years the township was able to install about 750 feet of sidewalk along North Elmwood Road from the Inglis Gardens complex to the intersection of North Elmwood Road and Ross Way.

Once the entire project is fully realized, the residents of Inglis Gardens, many of who utilize wheel chairs for their mobility, will have a direct, secure path from Inglis Gardens to Evesboro-Medford Road.

The intersection of North Elmwood Road and Evesboro-Medford Road includes nearby sites such as St. Isaac Jogues Parish, a Great Clips hair salon, an Investors Bank location and a 7-Eleven convenience store.

“The residents of Inglis Gardens want nothing more than the same independence and safety afforded to every other resident of Evesham Township,” Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said. “We’re thankful to the Department of Transportation for approving our grant request and helping the township complete this meaningful project.”

The full installation of a sidewalk from Inglis Gardens to Evesboro-Medford Road has been a long-term goal of the township.

In recent years, the township was able to install the currently existing portion of the sidewalk from Inglis Gardens to Ross Way after township officials worked with the state to clear potential archeological and environmental concerns.

At the time, the township partnered with Inglis Gardens and its status as a nonprofit to receive grants through the 2017 Community Development Block Grant program.


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