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Letter to the Editor: Mary Fagan

Longtime borough resident favors Bob Marshall for Commissioner.

To the editor:

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Commissioner of Public Works Bob Marshall, appointed to replace John Moscatelli, must be elected on Nov. 5 to extend his already invaluable service to Haddonfield through May 2021. 

Bob has an extraordinary record of public service with the state of New Jersey, having served as counsel to five governors, both Republican and Democrat, during his more than 35-year career.  He came out of recent retirement, and has brought his leadership, negotiation skills and extensive expertise to bear on borough issues like Bancroft redevelopment and storm impacts. 

He understands the big picture—having worked with federal (FEMA) and state agencies and municipalities for many years—and the local ramifications of borough decisions on both borough and school district quality and taxes. 

Haddonfield needs Bob’s character, highly honed skills, and his deep knowledge of our community. His ethics and his work ethic are unparalleled—working more than full-time since appointed, he has already made positive progress on the public works issues we face. Because he is committed to fiscal responsibility, he collaborates to reach outcomes that are the most cost effective. 

Bob’s political independence and many years in Haddonfield, as a 30-year resident and president of a number of local organizations and boards, amply demonstrate that he serves with unselfish dedication to achieve the best outcomes for this town. This position is NOT a stepping stone for Bob. He has no career-building agenda; he makes decisions independently and objectively, mindful of wise public spending.   

I hope Haddonfield has the wisdom to keep Bob working for us—but voters need to turn out! Please be sure to register to vote, and request a mail-in ballot if you will be away November 5.  

Mary Fagan

Haddonfield, N.J. 


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