Historical society hosting flea market for place with many pronunciations

The pronunciation of “Atsion” – a neighborhood in Shamong Township – has stumped many who’ve ventured in the area, but not enough to detract the Indian Mills Historical Society from hosting an open flea market.

On Oct. 6, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Atsion Recreation Center, the Indian Mills Historical Society is hosting a flea market to commemorate Atsion Day. Admission is free, however, donations are being taken to cover parking, vendors can purchase spots for $25. Refreshments will be sold by the Indian Mills Boy Scouts. It is recommended to bring multiple forms of payment.

No rain date is set.

We open the park at 6 a.m., and people begin buying at 9 a.m.,” said Joe Reinhart, president of the historical society. “We collect donations for parking and it’s used for historical preservation. Last year, we purchased the Jennings Property on Oakshade Road and the building would be refurbished and renovated.

As the market enters its 47th year, Reinhart said the society is expecting up to 1,000 people to the event and, with the market occurring twice a year, it gains a lot of excitement from residents.

It’s a day a lot of people look forward to because they’re looking for antiques,” Reinhart said. “It’s a day they’d like to come out, tour and see what people have to sell. We always get requests on when the next one will occur.”

He added other than antiques, people will be selling seasonal plants and household goods, but not food so the Boy Scouts can fundraise to supplement their trips.

No specific activities are scheduled by the society itself, however, vendors will have a range of things going on the entire family can participate in.

The park – whose moniker is pronounced “At-SIGN” – was previously a graveyard with generations of people buried within it, but it was taken over by the state roughly 20 years ago and made into a parking lot for the lake.

Starting next year, Reinhairt said the historical society agreed to move the day’s festivities to the first Saturday of May and October to give it a chance to have a rain date.

To learn more about the Atsion Day Flea Market or the Indian Mills Historical Society, visit www.IMHS2019.com.

It’s a day that our members are working together and having an opportunity to raise funds for the society’s needs such as yearly expenses and the Oakshade building renovations,” he said.