County Freeholders announce upgrades to Jarvis Rd.

$2.7 million project to restore and replace deteriorated road surface

The following is a release from Camden County:

The Camden County Freeholder Board has approved a $2.7 million upgrade to a 1.25-mile stretch of Jarvis Road in Gloucester Township. The project is expected to begin with minor improvements this fall before a major restoration of the roadway commences in spring 2020.

The largest component of the project is a full-depth reclamation of approximately three quarters of the affected stretch between Williamstown and Kearsley Roads.  This environmentally-conscious means of restoration involves pulverizing the current pavement, shaping it, and re-using it as the base for the new road surface.

“The Freeholder Board is constantly monitoring the county’s roads and highways to identify priority areas in need of improvements, upgrades, and repairs,” said Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo, liaison to the Camden County Department of Public Works. “Enhancing this stretch of Jarvis Road will not only improve the drivability of the roadway, but will dramatically improve the lifespan of the road surface by decades.”

In addition to the full-depth reclamation, the remaining 25 percent of the roadway between Williamstown and Kearsley Roads, closest to the two points where these and Jarvis Road meet, will receive a standard road surface restoration. Crews will also be realigning the road to improve traffic flow, making drainage improvements, and upgrading handicap ramps along the sidewalk.

Most of the project, approximately $2.4 million, will be paid for using state-funding derived from the state Department of Transportation. The Department of Public Works has also entered into an agreement with the municipality to conduct tree and sidewalk replacements along the roadway during the project, accounting for the remaining $300,000.

Timing is dependent on weather and is subject to change. To follow this project, and all of the Department’s other ongoing projects in Camden County, visit