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Letter to the Editor: Traffic circle

Shamong resident Eileen Carlos, who is also a candidate for the Nov. 5 contested election for Shamong Township Committee, sent the following letter to the editor.

In response to the article written by Krystal Nurse, in The Shamong Sun Sept. 11-17, 2019 issue, please refer to the Mayor’s Message from The Shamong Sun, March 13-19, 2019 issue. Shamong Township Mayor Michael DiCroce asked the question “Should we build a $20M traffic circle in Shamong?” From the article and attending township meetings I requested documents, per OPRA, through the township as well as Burlington County. Shamong Township allowed two documents to be released. The county redacted 90 percent of the information received.

When I questioned the committee at a township meeting on Sept. 3, asking about their “yes” votes to build the circle, Mizitis, Gray and Cooney all admitted that they did not attend meetings to learn about the County plan. Mr. Gimble was absent (and has been for the last two committee meetings) and Mr. DiCroce, who was the only committeeman to attend meetings with the county and his administration, voted “no.”

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No matter what the cost of the “circle,” it’s just bad planning. More ideas need to be explored before spending taxpayers dollars. Yes, taxpayer dollars – it is not free.

Eileen Carlos


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