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County clerk offering free wedding ceremonies at several Burlington County venues

On Sept. 20, the Burlington County Agriculture Center in Moorestown will be transformed into a wedding hall where area couples can tie the knot in style and on the cheap.

Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders/Special to The Sun: An inside shot of the Burlington County Agricultural Center where County Clerk Joanne Schwartz will be holding wedding ceremonies on Sept. 20.

If you think you may have found “the one” this summer and don’t want to waste any more time not married to that person, Burlington County Clerk Joanne Schwartz may have the answer.

On Sept. 20, any couple wishing to tie the knot can do so at the Burlington County Agriculture Center in Moorestown free of charge. The rustic, rural farmland setting makes for the perfect fall wedding venue.

“We’re excited to offer weddings at an amazing facility,” said Schwartz. “I find it an honor to perform weddings for all, and we look forward to this event.”

On the day of the event, wedding ceremonies will be performed from 1 to 5 p.m. at the center. Although spots are filling quickly, Schwartz says that they can squeeze some additional ceremonies into the early evening, past the 5 p.m. end time.

“We’re not turning anyone away,” said Schwartz.

Interested couples must obtain a marriage license from the municipality in which either the bride or groom resides prior to the event date to qualify. If neither live in New Jersey, they can apply for their license at the Moorestown Municipal Building. It takes 72 hours to obtain a license, so couples are advised to plan ahead.

To sign up for a time slot, couples can call Heather Cheesman at (609) 265-5122.

If Sept. 20 is too soon, Schwartz says there are more events like this planned throughout the year at venues spread all across the county. 

For adventurous couples, this Halloween there will be weddings held at the Burlington County Prison Museum. For those seeking a more light-hearted affair come winter, Smithville Mansion will be utilized as a holiday wedding venue. Couples will have yet another opportunity to celebrate their love next Valentine’s Day by exchanging vows at The Burlington County Lyceum of History and Natural Sciences mansion.

This past Fourth of July, Schwartz held wedding ceremonies following Evesham’s annual fireworks display and parade.

“We’ve always had a policy of using county venues for weddings and we’re now expanding that,” said Schwartz. “It’s a nice thing to do and it gives everybody in the county more knowledge of what’s available to them.”

Couples who have obtained a license and secured a time slot aren’t required to bring anything to the ceremony besides themselves, however they are welcome to bring family and guests to share the experience with them. A photographer will not be provided at any of the venues, but couples are welcome to bring their own to capture their ceremony.

“Sometimes they bring a wedding party, sometimes just two people show up, it depends on their personal preference. We’ve had people come in full wedding gowns and we’ve had people come in jeans,” said Schwartz. “The county is here to serve the people who live here in as many ways as possible, and we think this is just another way to serve the people who live here and give them a fun day for their special event.”

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