Council approves $1.7 million bond ordinance for stormwater project

Work for Thorny Lane, Malibu Drive and Lee Ann Drive were approved at the meeting

At its Aug. 26 meeting, Gloucester Township Council gave final approval to a $1.7 million bond ordinance to go toward stormwater drainage system improvements, while also passing additional resolutions.

The projects approved to take place through the bond ordinance include the replacement of stormwater piping at Thorny Lane, Malibu Drive and Lee Ann Drive, all along Evesham Road.

Due to the nature of the work being stormwater pipe replacement, Business Administrator Tom Cardis says the projects were eligible for funding through the state Department of Environmental Protection.

“That’s better than a general obligation bond. First off, you don’t have to put down 5 percent,” said Cardis. “The second thing is that the rates are phenomenal.”

According to Cardis, 50 percent of the loan through the NJDEP is at 0 percent for up to 20 years. According to the NJDEP’s website, the rest of the loan is then less than or around market rate for as many as another 20 years.

At the meeting, Cardis had originally estimated that Gloucester Township has approximately 400 headwalls that would need work, with the current project proposed through the bond ordinance addressing five.

Cardis said he is awaiting information from township engineers regarding the exact number of headwalls in Gloucester Township, however he now expects the number to actually be more than 1,000, if not higher. Headwalls are not the only part of the project for any of the three projects discussed, as the pipes that carry stormwater are typically the higher priority, according to Cardis.

Due to the extremely high price of projects to replace and repair such water drainage pipes, Cardis said the township typically fixes those in most need of repair each year, according to engineer advice.

Also at the meeting, council passed an agreement between the township and Asphalt Paving Systems, Inc. to execute Phase 8 of the Cherrywood Road Improvement Program.

Lastly, council passed a resolution granting permission to Mainstage Center for the Arts to host its Annual Pumpkin Festival, which will temporarily close a portion of the Black Horse Pike.