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Mayor, council release statement on unpaid lunches

Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn and Cherry Hill Township Council released a statement on Tuesday, Aug. 27. In the statement, they voice their opposition to a board policy that cuts students off from receiving lunch when their account is in arrears.

“Although the township has no control over the Board of Education’s policies or budget, as a leader of this community, I must advocate for what is right, and a policy that restricts or limits a child’s access to food is not right- and is simply unacceptable,” Cahn said. “Regardless of whether the state or federal government imposes or condones such a policy, as a community, we must act in the best interests of our children and that means ensuring that their health and well-being do not become the mechanism for dealing with a business issue. As a community, we are and must remain better than that.”

Council President David Fleisher echoed the sentiment.

“The members of our community that are in need must be protected, and those that can afford to pay, but do not, should be held accountable,” Fleisher said. “In either scenario, however, the consequence or policy cannot involve restricting food to our children. As a community, we must be sure that our children remain fed and protected.”

The Cherry Hill Board of Education will meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 7 at John A. Carusi Middle School in the cafeteria. 


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