Mantua Township patrol summary, Aug. 15 – 22

The following are on file at the Mantua Township Police Department.

Aug. 15

  • Officers responded to check a home as the resident thought they heard someone inside. Officers checked and the house was clear.
  • Officers responded to a male who had overdosed in the bathroom at his work. Officers utilized Narcan and the patient was transported to the hospital for treatment.
  • Units took a harassment and fraud report as it was reported that an unknown subject is disconnecting the victim’s internet service.
  • Patrols responded to a domestic disturbance in which a male was destroying the house and left prior to our arrival.

Aug. 16

  • Ptl. Schnarr investigated a suspicious vehicle in Chestnut Branch Park after midnight and arrested two occupants for drug-related charges as well as outstanding warrants.
  • Officers responded to a minor crash in the parking lot of the Wawa store.
  • Units took a fraud report in which the victim’s bank account was accessed.
  • Sgt. Herner conducted a motor vehicle stop and arrested a subject who was wanted out of Atlantic County. They were turned over to the county jail.
  • Officers were dispatched for a report of a found child’s bicycle.

Aug. 17

  • Officers took a report for theft in which a cab was used, but never paid for by the rider.
  • Patrols responded for a report of an unconscious male found on the side of the road. He was transported to the hospital.
  • Ptl. Riepen and his K-9 partner, Bane, assisted Washington Township Police with a sniff of the vehicle in which there was a positive indication for drugs. An occupant was placed under arrest subsequent a search of the vehicle.
  • Officers supervised community service workers who cleaned up litter along the side of Tylers Mill Road.
  • Units responded to a domestic disturbance between a mother and her adult son.
  • Patrols responded to the Kohl’s store for a customer who was acting irrationally and not leaving the store.
  • Sgt Herner conducted a car stop and arrested an occupant for outstanding warrants. He was processed and given a new court date to appear.

Aug. 18

  • Officers responded for a report of juveniles knocking over patio furniture in the middle of the night.
  • Units came across a tree blocking the roadway on Breakneck Road in the area of Jackson Road. The officer was able to clear the roadway.
  • Officers responded to a three-vehicle crash on Lambs Road by the Super Wawa. All three vehicles needed to be towed and several went to the hospital for injuries.
  • Patrols took a fraud complaint where money was taken out of a victim’s bank account without his authorization.
  • Units responded to a report of a lost cell phone in a store. An employee gave the phone back to a subject who did not own it, and now the victim is unable to retrieve her phone as the accused will not return it.
  • Officers assisted a victim with obtaining a temporary restraining order.
  • Units were dispatched to the Wawa store on Route 45 for a report of an intoxicated couple who were naked in the parking lot. They left in a vehicle prior to police arrival. Officers attempted to find the intoxicated couple, but were not able.

Aug. 19

  • Units responded to a residence for threats that were made to the pizza delivery man.
  • Officers located a stolen vehicle that was parked at the Dunkin’ Donuts for an extended time. The vehicle was stolen from New York.
  • Officers responded for wires that were down behind Timberline Shopping Center. Investigation learned they were cable wires.
  • Patrols responded to a shoplifting that had occurred from the Lowe’s store and the vehicle fled before police arrival. The vehicle was located and stopped. Two subjects were arrested on scene, while the other fled on foot. After a short foot chase, the subject was located and also arrested.
  • Units responded to a single-vehicle crash on Route 45, almost into Deptford Township. A vehicle crossed the concrete median, disabling it.
  • Patrols responded to a crash on Glassboro Road in the area of Center Street.
  • Sgt. Herner conducted a motor vehicle stop and arrested an occupant for outstanding warrants. He was turned over to the county jail.

Aug. 20

  • Officers responded to Cooper Hospital to investigate a report of a person who had jumped from a second story window in the middle of the night while intoxicated.
  • Officers responded to a crash on Tylers Mill Road in the area of Glassboro Road involving a landscaping vehicle.
  • Units responded to a neighbor complaint where one juvenile was threating and making faces at another juvenile.
  • Units responded to a vehicle burglary in Wenonah where a vehicle was entered and cash was stolen.
  • Patrols responded to the Planet Fitness where a vehicle window was broken and items stolen from the vehicle.
  • Officers responded to a shoplifting from the Kohl’s in which the subject fled prior to our arrival. We were able to find the subject and arrest him.
  • An hour later, officers responded to a second shoplifter from the Kohl’s store.
  • Ptl. Donovan and his K-9 partner, Boomer, assisted Paulsboro Police on a car stop with a vehicle sniff for explosive material.
  • Units responded to the Telford Inn for a report of a woman who refused to pay her tab and would not leave the premises after being told to by staff.

Aug. 21

  • Officers responded to the Wawa store on Route 45 for the same female from the Telford Inn causing a disturbance at the Wawa.
  • Patrols responded to a residence just after midnight for an unknown male knocking on the door asking for a person who did not live there. The male was given a courtesy transport to a motel in Glassboro.
  • Units responded to several vehicles that were on fire at Tylers Mill Towing.
  • Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in which an intoxicated male was arguing with his mother.
  • Officers took a report for three vehicles that were burglarized overnight and lose change was stolen. The vehicles were left unlocked overnight