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The creation of the Mullica Hill Historic District

The following was submitted by the Harrison Township Historical Commission.

On Aug. 31, 1992, Harrison Township adopted Ordinance No. 14-1992 creating the Mullica Hill Historic District.

It is appropriate that we reflect on the contribution of a historic district, in particular the Mullica Hill Historic District and the value of preserving the structures, views and vistas protected by its creation. Rather than identify individual structures within the boundaries of the district, it was deemed the diversity of architectural styles present as well as the cultural contribution of many structures is so significant that the entire district should be set aside and preserved.

The properties within the district continue to tell the story of the growth and development from a group of farms, churches, meeting houses, mills, taverns (yes, taverns) and agricultural buildings into a village center. Several of the very early farmhouses remain dotting Main Street while centuries of differing styles of architecture were constructed stringing the properties together.

A leisurely walk along Main Street with a guide to the styles can help you understand the growth and development. Sometimes you have to look beyond siding or alterations to recognize some of the earliest buildings while many properties remain relatively unchanged.

We as a community are very fortunate to enjoy our Main Street as well as the various side streets that are part of the district. In no small part this is due to the property owners who continue to maintain the creative and adaptive uses of structures as shops, professional spaces and residences and the forward thinking of the sitting members of the 1992 township committee who recognized the tremendous value of our village. The current administration has added an overlay creating a redevelopment zone. With this zone in place there are economic incentives, which can stimulate investment for continuing the preservation, maintenance and adaptive uses to keep Main Street a beautiful, vital pedestrian center with commercial and residential uses coexisting for centuries to come.

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