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Letter to the Editor: ‘No field of dreams’ for Moorestown’s girls

Six years ago, I moved from a neighboring town to Moorestown. The sense of community and togetherness is unlike any other, and I have loved growing up and making friendships here. The one complaint that I have is with regards to the shortage of softball fields. Almost every surrounding town has at least one dedicated field which the girls use specifically for softball.

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I cannot believe that a town as affluent as Moorestown cannot provide a single dedicated softball field for our young players. Just as an example, baseball has 11 dedicated fields. It is wonderful to see Moorestown baseball doing well and rightfully earning their fields. Nevertheless, I would like to see more attention on this matter because girls deserve a field they can use all year round for themselves.

For many years, girls’ softball has been promised a new field. The proposal was finally placed in the capital budget in 2014, but nothing has happened since. In the spring, I attended the town council meeting where it was discussed and approved for capital. Once again, nothing seems to change. I will be a rising senior this year, and so even if the project is approved, I will never have an opportunity to play on the new field. Still, I hope that this project is approved and completed so the younger generations can enjoy a luxury I never had. Maybe one day, I will be able to coach my daughter’s team on that same, promised field.

It is intolerable that my community will not put in the resources into softball as they do other sports. I am just one out of hundreds who believe girls’ softball should receive respectable facilities just as everyone else has in our great town.

Erika Heffernen


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