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Letter to the Editor: Mass shootings

The following letter was submitted by resident Joe Hegarty.

To the editor:

I have to wonder how many mass shootings occurred annually at schools, malls, theaters, concerts, etc. between 1950 and 1960 when access to purchasing a firearm was so much easier than today. In fact, my understanding is that back then, young men in the Midwest attending high school would take their guns to school, leave them in their lockers and go hunting when school was over.

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If the answer to my above question is that there were very few, if any mass shootings, in those years, then what has changed? The political solutions are always the same, but things continue to worsen.

I believe the answer lies in God’s design for marriage, family and society. In fact, the traditional family of husband and wife is the very foundation of an ordered culture, providing the very best opportunity for children to become healthy and productive citizens.

We need to take a long, hard look back over the past 60 years and recognize our slide from God, truth and trust into the dark abyss of relativism, disorder and discontent.

-Joe Hegarty


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