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Letter to the Editor: It’s not easy bein’ green, but it’s necessary, says writer

A District 8 resident urges voters to vote for the "green" candidate.

Last week, I learned that the Arctic is burning, a huge glacier in Iceland has been declared dead, Miami floods when there is no rain, a heat wave has inundated most of our country and most of Europe, and South Jersey is feeling more like Florida while flooding tortures local farms and homes time after time.

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Those of us who believe scientific facts to explain what we actually witness know that we need to take individual and community action to combat climate change. We also need to elect public servants who will be cognizant of and who will promote smart environmental policies in every level of government.

That is why I was very pleased to see that the NJ League of Conservation Voters announced its endorsement of Gina LaPlaca and Mark Natale, candidates for NJ Assembly for Legislative District 8.

By electing people to govern who place value on conserving our unique and irreplaceable habitat, we will increase our ability to pass a healthy environment to our children and grandchildren. That is why I will support candidates who care about the future, like LaPlaca and Natale.

Kathleen Pulver


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