Delran Board of Education discusses 2019-2020 district goals, business and community engagement and the price of lunch

On Monday, July 22, the Delran Board of Education held a meeting to discuss the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. The board members discussed many topics regarding the curriculum, the district’s goals, business, community engagement and personnel.

On Monday, July 22, the Delran Board of Education discussed the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. Board members discussed many topics regarding the curriculum, the district’s goals, business, community engagement and personnel. 

First on the agenda was to discuss the district’s goals for the upcoming year. The first goal is to increase student achievement for all students at all levels in literacy with an emphasis on narrowing the achievement gaps among the various sub-groups, as evidenced through benchmark assessments and other data sources. 

The second goal includes support environments that prepare all students in literacy, arts and industrial arts, as well as science technology, engineering and mathematics for college and career preparedness. Next, the district wants to increase opportunities for special education and English language learner programs in the least restrictive environment through the enhanced use of differentiated instruction in all settings. 

For the fourth goal, the district wants to prioritize timely collaboration with parents, students and residents through frequent and ongoing communication that provides information on coursework, assessments, homework, projects, school events and other school-related information. Lastly, the district wants to develop a cost-effective operating budget that promotes educational programming, district infrastructure, facilities maintenance and grant funding procurement. 

After the district goals were explained, the board members turned their attention to business and talked about the different companies that have been hired to take care of the needs of the district. 

These included the board approving Coastal Environment LLC as the environment consultant for the 2019-2020 year, approving Republic Services Inc. for trash removal, McHugh Landscaping for landscaping services and T.U.C.S Cleaning Services Inc. for cleaning services.  

The board members also discussed approving an IDEA grant for $646,911 for basic and $23,614 for preschool funds. Lastly, the board members discussed the price for lunch. Breakfast for Milbridge and Delran Intermediate School will be $1.25, and at the high school and middle school it will be $1.50. Reduced breakfast at all four schools will be 30 cents. 

In terms of the National School Lunch Program, lunch for elementary schools and middle schools will be $2.45, while at the high school it will be $2.70. Reduced lunch will be 40 cents at all four schools. 

For the curriculum and personnel section, the board went over various routine information. However, the last point the members discussed happened during the quick community engagement section. The board approved the donation of a ping pong table to the Delran High School physical education department from Barbara Edwards.

The next Delran Board of Education meeting will be held on Aug. 26 at 6 p.m.