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Scout’s honor: Recent Deptford High grad earns Eagle Scout

Benjamin DeZutti, a 2019 Deptford Township High School graduate who served as class president as a senior, with his parents, Shelly and Andrew. DeZutti has earned his Eagle Scout from Boy Scouts and will celebrate his Court of Honor on Aug. 24 at Milestone Church in Magnolia. (RYAN LAWRENCE, The Sun)

As a kid growing up in Deptford, Andrew DeZutti briefly spent some time with the Explorers – “like Boy Scouts without the uniforms” – and enjoyed the trips. When his oldest son, Benjamin, showed off a similar affinity for camping trips and the camaraderie of boyhood, getting him involved with the Boy Scouts just made sense.

Fast forward a dozen years and the younger DeZutti is on the brink of attaining the highest achievement attainable from the Boy Scouts of America. Benjamin DeZutti, who graduated from Deptford Township High School last month, has earned Eagle Scout and will have his new rank celebrated next month at his Court of Honor.

“It’s really cool,” said DeZutti, who is attending Rowan College at Gloucester County in the fall. “It’s one big celebration.”

The Court of Honor is being held on Aug. 24 at Milestone Church in Magnolia. Friends, family, and troop members and leaders will gather to honor DeZutti, including some friendly roasting and a dinner reception.

And the location of the ceremony is a fitting spot to recognize DeZutti’s achievement.

Over the winter, DeZutti decided to revamp and restore the audio system at Milestone Church for his Eagle Scout service. DeZutti had already been working the soundboard every Sunday at the church, where his dad handled the audio and visual components, so it was a natural place to work.

With the help of a handful of others, the DeZutti father and son team completed the project in one day back in late February.

“He grew up in the church and has been there for 20-plus years, so for him to do something like that for the church is very exciting,” DeZutti’s mother, Shelly, said of the service project.

(Photo provided by Andrew DeZutti)

“I credit my leaders, definitely the Scout leaders, they really pushed me along,” DeZutti said. “I was running very short on time. You have to wait six months to get to each rank, and they’d tell me ‘You gotta get going, you gotta get going, your merit badge is done, start planning.’ I also credit my parents.”

DeZutti’s Court of Honor ceremony will be the culmination of his dedication to the Boy Scouts of America since 2007 and also the latest accomplishment in what’s been a busy last 15 months.

In addition to his duties as a Scout, DeZutti has been a member of the soccer and track and field programs at Deptford High. He added one more line to his crowded resume at the end of his junior year when, on a whim, he decided to run for class president.

Two days after making the decision, DeZutti was sitting at his desk in home room when he overheard his name announced as the winner of the election over the public address system.

“It was truly insane,” DeZutti said.

DeZutti, who is spending his summer working at an advertising firm, is planning on studying computer science at RCGC. He’d like to eventually work in cybersecurity.

But before he begins his college career, DeZutti will reach the pinnacle of his journey with Troop 54.

“Couldn’t be prouder,” said Andrew DeZutti. “It was an interesting journey, and there were a couple times when we weren’t sure, but he’s a very determined young man when he wants to be. I’m thoroughly impressed with him.”

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