Letter to the Editor: Resident ‘frustrated’ by tax increase

After running a campaign promising “real tax relief,” the current town council of Moorestown, which is a Democratic majority has decided to raise taxes in their very first budget. As if it’s not disappointing enough to see campaign promises broken within the first few months, the current Democrat majority are doing so while sitting on an $8.7 million dollar surplus and with tax revenue from local businesses increasing due to the economy. 

 As a taxpayer, I am sad to see the Moorestown township council’s leadership prioritizing new spending over the hardworking people of Moorestown. As a Moorestown resident in the Lenola section, I am increasingly frustrated that the new mayor’s choice to place her pet projects ahead of getting the long-awaited “Camden Avenue” Lenola redevelopment program done, even as the previous town council of Moorestown secured a $1 million dollar grant to do so.

 I hope the recent actions of the Moorestown township council are the exception rather than the rule; otherwise, it will be a long two years until voters have their say in November of 2020.


Douglas Dillon