Voorhees Animal Orphanage seeks kitten fosters

Short-term commitment can mean long-term love for furry friends

Voorhees Animal Orphanage is encouraging area residents to visit the local community shelter and foster a “furry friend” during the height of “kitten season,” a period between March and August when female cats go into heat and there is an increase in feline breeding.

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“Typically, the season runs from March to August, but it’s been running longer every year,” said Bill Romaine, Feline Care Manager, VAO. “I like to call it ‘Christmas time’ because of all the furry presents we receive during this time period.”

Serving 22 municipalities in southern New Jersey, including 16 towns in Camden County, VAO takes in lost or stray cats and kittens, and cats who have been surrendered by their owners. VAO also cares for cats who are transported to the shelter from another state due to overcapacity or safety reasons.

Currently, the shelter is caring for an impressive 80 kittens, and is encouraging willing families to foster one or more kittens in the shelter’s care.

“We would love to put the kittens in the hands of loving foster families,” said Romaine. “Not only does fostering give these animals a better life, but also saves the lives of those who take their place.”

Fostering one of VAO’s 80 kittens is a short term commitment and VAO staff will be there every step of the way to help ease the kitten’s transition and provide everything you need.

VAO provides basic vet care, behavior and training resources and adoption counseling. Food, treats, toys and litter are available to foster parents at no costs. The length of foster care can vary between a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the animal’s age, medical issues and adoptability.

“We don’t give up at VAO. We will always find a solution and work with our fosters to give the animals the great lives they deserve,” said Romaine.

Support VAO

With the influx of mouths to feed, the shelter is asking for donations of KMR, or kitten milk replacement, the main food source of food for newborn kittens.

Area residents are also encouraged to get involved through fundraising, adoption or by making a donation to VAO’s $1.6 million capital campaign “Building for Pawsitive Future.”

Donations to the campaign support the construction of VAO’s much-needed new facility. Built on VAO’s existing site on 419 Cooper Road in Voorhees, next to the Voorhees Township Fire Department, the new 8,900 sq. foot facility will be completed in phases to minimize any disruptions to VAO’s furry “residents.” VAO anticipates a new building opening by the end of 2019.

If interested in VAO’s foster program, visit http://www.vaonj.org/foster/ or email info@vaonj.org. To make a donation to support VAO’s “Building for a Pawsitive Future” Capital Campaign or to learn more, visit https://www.vaonj.org/voorhees-animal-orphanage-capital-campaign/.

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