2019 Summer Reading Program presents a Universe of Stories theme

Between June 24 and August 17, the library will be giving out prizes for children that reach their reading goals within their age group.

The theme for this year’s Summer Reading Program at the Cinnaminson Library is a Universe of Stories. Between June 24 and Aug. 17, the library will be giving out prizes for children who reach their reading goals within their age group.

For ages 5 and under, children will receive a prize for every 10 books that they read. For ages 6 to 12, kids will receive a prize for every three books they read. Lastly, for teens 13 and above, a prize will be handed out after each row on the Summer Reading Program’s bingo board is completed. 

The bingo board includes activities such as reading a book to a young person in your life, read a graphic novel, book or blog, attend a library program, research space missions and volunteer somewhere in the community, among various other activities. For every completed column a prize will be awarded, and for the completion of the entire card, a teen can win the grand prize of a telescope basket. Two telescope baskets were donated by the Cinnaminson Friends of the Library, an organization that was established in 1965 by local residents who support the services of the library

“We’ve been doing this for decades,” said librarian Kristie Winks. “This is my 16th year doing it and the theme changes every single summer. This year we have a Universe of Stories which is predominantly space-themed, but it can go anywhere.

“The response has been excellent,” Winks continued. “Ever since we started on Monday, we’ve seen large crowds come in for our programming and our crafts we have around the room. We’ve seen a lot of books checked. We’re very happy about it.”

According to Winks, the Summer Reading Program allows kids to read any kind of book. The books do not have to be space-themed and can also be a book that they already own or even an audio book. Once the reader is done with the book, they just have to scan the IBN code with the Beanstack mobile app. 

“It makes your life a lot easier,” said Winks. “It’s free and it’s trustworthy. It takes the paper out of it. Before, it used to be a lot of paper slips, but now all you have to do is get the app and scan it on your phone. It puts in all the information for you. You can get it right off of the libraries website or in the app store.” 

To go along with the summer reading program, the library will also be offering Make and Take Mondays. On each Monday between June 24 and Aug. 17, the library will be holding all-day events where children can come in and make a craft based on space. These crafts will include phases of the moon slider, an astronaut helmet, flying comet craft, constellation cards, rocket ships and various other crafts. 

“I like the big programs,” said Winks. “That’s what I really love. Seeing the kids that may not be able to get here during the school year because of their schedule, I love seeing them come back. Also seeing my older kids come back, I love that.”