Updates given on Holly Glen Elementary School

Board also approved new principal at high school

“It will be on time,” interim Superintendent of Schools Richard Perry said when pressed about the opening of the Holly Glen Elementary School during the public comment section of the June 27 board of education meeting.

“We’re going to be putting out communication shortly,” he continued. “I met with the staff, that was the first step. There was moving things in terms of construction schedule in terms of things we were addressing, that’s why I couldn’t put out any communication until we were set on the terms of the direction we were going. Right now, with the different initial phases, we’re three weeks ahead of schedule, but I don’t want to put out misinformation.”

Perry outlined that he met with the teachers and gave them updates during the process. He reiterated that a communication will be issued to the public shortly.

Resident Ed Knorr questioned the situation with the third tier of the Holly Glen project. Tier three of the project is on hold due to a lack of funding, according to district facilities manager Butch Berglund. He said there won’t be air conditioning in the fall, but the district hopes to have funds in place by the spring.

Berglund said the new windows should be installed by August, and blacktop overlay can be done after.

“All the stuff bringing moist air in will be controlled,” Berglund finished.

Resident Deana Tatusko questioned the board about the original three-tiered plan. Perry responded saying the third tier was part of a proposition but not a requirement. He said the district is working with engineers, architects and certified industrial hygienists to make sure the building is safe. He added that even though the rooftop units were too expensive now, they are moving ahead with other forms of ventilation.

In other news:

  • The board approved the hiring of Angelo M. DeStefano of Laurel Springs to be the new principal of Williamstown High School at a prorated salary of $143,015, pending fingerprint approval and pre-employment requirement forms, and effective pending release of his current contract.
  • In regard to the mercury problem at Oak Knoll Elementary School, Tatusko asked why Coastal Environmental said to run the air conditioning at all times when the school itself doesn’t have air conditioning.

“When they put it [run the air conditioning] it was a standard protocol to follow. They knew, I assume they knew, we didn’t have air conditioning, they were in the building,” Berglund said. We’re running the exhaust fans, it’s the best we can do.”

Berglund continued saying they hope to have a contractor in place by the end of July, have the floor removed by August and have a new floor in September. He said they will continue running the ventilation fans at full speed to keep the airflow in there. He said they will try to get it in writing from Coastal Environmental.

  • The board did not approve the transfer of Barbara A. Huff from the Maple Grove Administration Building to the high school.
  • The board did not approve the transfer of Diana Lynn Salbadori from the high school to the Maple Grove Administration Building.
  • The board approved a special board meeting on Monday July 8 at the Maple Grove Administration Building at 10 a.m.