DBRC planning future events and programs

Plans for The Dill House and a potential board game are in the works

The Downtown Berlin Revitalization Corp. is in the midst of planning multiple upcoming programs and special events in its effort to bring back Main Street in the borough.

After approximately three years of behind-the-scenes work that Program Director Cindy Williams says helped establish the group and make future initiatives possible, the DBRC is now getting ready to put the pedal to the medal in terms of events and projects.

At its meeting at the end of June, the group of business owners and borough officials gathered to lay out timelines for what it hopes to accomplish it the coming months and years.

For starters, the group has begun discussions of creating a Berlin-OPOLY board game, complete with businesses and other landmarks from around the borough, opening up the opportunity for fundraising and sponsorships to be on the game board. Although in the beginning stage, the DBRC sees the opportunity as one that could highlight specific points of the town.

“This is something that we could get sponsorships for to have their businesses on the board and on the cards,” said Jim Evangelisti. “Promoting the downtown, promoting the history of the town and just the desire to grow and move ahead.”

According to Williams, a committee of four people has been formed to work on the project in the coming months, ranging from game development to gathering sponsors. Although far off, the committee aims for a December 2020 launch.

“Basically, we would come up with our own game,” said Williams.

In discussions during the meeting, the DBRC has a timeline of goals it would like to accomplish over the next couple months with the project. Further information will be available in the future as the project develops. However, Williams said that profits from the proposed game would go toward the downtown area.

Nicole Lopez, working with multiple different projects with the DBRC, hopes to help establish both a Business Incubator Program and a future purpose for the Dill House. Starting now, the DBRC is organizing plans to orchestrate a 2020 Garden Tour along the borough, with emphasis being on stops along the White Horse Pike section of the heart of the borough.

Potentially, the Dill House can become a part of the Garden Tour in the coming year.

“It’s sort of a multi-headed monster, it can go a lot of different ways,” said Lopez. “There’s a lot of space on that property … we have generous setbacks on all the sides.”

Lopez and Williams have discussed several different garden varieties for the property, with a five-year plan soon to be in place. Additionally, the DBRC hopes to be able to partner with a local school to have interns work on the property to promote the area while also getting extra help.

Potentially, the Dill House would serve as an interpretative visitors center on the inside, complete with information and graphics for education, while also having flora outside.

The DBRC will meet for its next meeting Tuesday, July 23 at The Vault, with a planned speaker from Camden County Technical Schools.