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Mosquito spraying in Berlin Borough

The commission will conduct mosquito spraying across two days in Berlin Borough this week

The Camden County Mosquito Commission regularly checks several thousand suspected mosquito breeding sites across the county. Spraying is scheduled on an as needed basis based upon the results of their surveillance efforts.

“It is important that you regularly check your yard for the presence of standing water,” said Freeholder Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission. “Removing standing water where mosquitoes can thrive will protect your family from the pests, and will assist the efforts of the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission.”

The commission conducted spraying in Berlin Borough Tuesday, July 2 from 2 to 6 along:

  • Boyer Avenue
  • Mc Clellan Avenue
  • Franklin Avenue
  • Lincoln Avenue
  • Washington Avenue
  • Blaine Avenue
  • Harrison Avenue
  • 1st Avenue
  • 2nd Avenue
  • 3rd Avenue
  • 4th Avenue
  • Redman Avenue
  • Mt Vemon Avenue
  • Veteran’s Ave

The commission will conduct spraying on Wednesday, July 3 from 2 to 6 a.m. in the following locations weather permitting:

  • Stockton Blvd
  • Carriage Stop
  • Rutgers Blvd
  • S Rose Lane
  • Andes Trail
  • Hillside Lane
  • Hacker Avenue

“The commission works with the Public Health Environmental Laboratories in Trenton to verify the presence of West Nile Virus and other communicable diseases in their samples,” Nash said.  “If a pool tests positive, the Mosquito Commission returns to spray the area. The sprayings take place when the mosquitoes are most active.”

The mosquito spray is not harmful to humans or pets, but you should avoid direct contact if you have respiratory concerns or are sensitive to irritants.

The Camden County Mosquito Commission suggests checking around your yard for mosquito breeding containers.

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