Letter to the Editor: Contractors ‘won’t take no for an answer’

So I’m new to the area, and I’m not sure why contractors can’t take no for an answer. I’ve had three companies at my door in a week trying to sell me a roof and/or solar panels. First of all, if the answer was no yesterday, it’ll be no today too. Smartroof, ABC, Liberty (to name a few), I can’t remember who, but some of these guys are from Virginia. Why would anyone get work done by a company in another state? To me this was crazy.

Anyway, I called the township, and they don’t seem to care about this saying they just give out the permits – really nice response. I’m a big believer in supporting my local community, and therefore, I’ll choose a local reputable roofer who is established. So, stop knocking and leaving flyers at my door. This is crazy. The township needs to realize this is a problem. I’m new here, and I can see its on the verge of harassment. I can’t imagine what the citizens who have lived here are going through.

Jessica Morgan