Letter to the Editor: Post graduation advice

Marc Moscatelli wrote to The Sun offering advice to Clearview Regional High School graduates.

Dear graduates of Clearview Regional High School,

Congratulations, you made it.  Now, some advice as you become a young adult and enter the working world and world of higher education:

  1. Be careful of the company that you keep. Your friends today may not be persons you wish to be friends with in the future. People change, including yourself, and do not latch onto persons that would bring you down. Ditch the toxic people in your life.
  2. Be a leader, not a follower. Lead by example. Take command of your future. Make great decisions. Be smart.
  3. Take a chance. Get out of your comfort zone. There is an entire world outside of Clearview Regional High School. Travel. Experience new culture. Make new friendships.
  4. There are plenty of charities, church groups and organizations that are in need. It is very rewarding.
  5. If you are in school, work. Get a job in your field. Take a real challenge and work retail. Earn a paycheck.
  6. If preparing to go into the work force full-time, seek a trade. Right now, master plumbers, electricians, carpentry, masons, pipefitter, HVAC are in short supply. Don’t be ashamed to work with your hands.

Remember, life isn’t easy and the world owes you absolutely nothing. Life is what you make of it. So, go out there, in the real world, and be great! Congratulations, and good luck!


Marc Moscatelli