Seneca’s Spanish Honor students raise over $2,000 for South American non-profit

The high school's Spanish Honor Society and Spanish 3 Honors students raised $2,095 for non-profit in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Students (left to right) Sarah Mulcahy, Emma Boisvert, Allison Bierly, Aliza Gardner, Brenna Derby. (Photo courtesy of Seneca High School.)

Members of Seneca High School’s Spanish Honor Society and Spanish 3 Honors students raised $2,095 by selling 392 bracelets and 12 bags in partnership with the Pulsera Project.

The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that supports a community of artists in
Nicaragua and Guatemala through Fair Trade. It works with 200 artisans and communities
in Nicaragua. The funds raised will go back directly to the artisans and to help fund
scholarships, community programs, support youth shelters and many other projects that
create bright futures. Pulsera proceeds also fund scholarships, community programs,
workers’ rights campaigns, shelter support, sustainable energy initiatives, and many other
projects that create bright futures for these artists and their communities.

For two weeks, students sold the bracelets during their lunch to raise the funds. The
students took ownership of different parts of the sale by creating marketing, sales and
accounting teams. Spanish teacher Mrs. Mariem Silva said, “I have known about The Pulsera Project since 2013 and always wanted to organize a service project that will impact positively both the students and people in need. When I started teaching at Seneca and I got involved with the Spanish Honor Society, I knew this was the perfect project to give the students the opportunity not only to become aware of their global community, but to engage in an international community service to become global citizens.”

Student Jackson Milone said about the experience, “often in life we feel that our impact is limited and insignificant. With this project we were able to extend our reach thousands of miles away to help those in need. The 2,000 plus dollars raised will benefit a great cause and go towards the building of schools, hospitals, and support Nicaraguan artisans to make a living. I’m so glad we were able to work in support of such a worthy cause and hope we can raise more money for a similar organization soon.”

Student Allie Bierly added, “sometimes when you have so many opportunities you forget about those who don’t. So, this charity was a great way to give back and have a fun time doing so.”