Letter to the Editor: Council Republicans are making baseless accusations

This letter to the editor was submitted to The Sun from Mt. Laurel resident: Jill Anthony.

This letter to the editor was submitted to The Sun from Mt. Laurel resident: Jill Anthony:

At the contentious May 20 Mt. Laurel Township Council meeting, Deputy Mayor Lindo Bobo questioned the work ethic of her Democratic colleagues, Councilmen Stephen Steglik and Kareem Pritchett. This is a strange and hypocritical accusation considering Deputy Mayor Bobo hasn’t nearly been as active in the community as Councilmen Steglik and Pritchett, who were sworn in for their first term in January.

In fact, at the same meeting in which Bobo made the accusation, residents came forward to thank both Steglik and Pritchett for being attentive and active in the community. One woman thanked Councilman Steglik for reading to school children while another person thanked both councilmen for not only walking with residents in a section of Mount Laurel in need of cleanup but for their efforts in expanding the township’s cleanup event to that specific neighborhood. Moreover, they literally helped clean up trash in the neighborhood.

As for Deputy Mayor Bobo? She was absent at this year’s baseball and softball opening ceremonies, the EMS and Fire annual banquet, an animal vaccination event, a groundbreaking ceremony for veteran housing, as well as the township’s annual clean-up day. Deputy Mayor Bobo even skipped a council meeting in April.

Councilmen Steglik and Pritchett made it their business to attend these events.  Sometimes they were able to attend together, but at least one of them appeared at these functions.  This is very much appreciated by the residents of Mount Laurel.

I understand no council member will be everywhere all the time.  However, it appears Deputy Mayor Bobo is not working for her constituents.  For her to make such a baseless accusation towards her colleagues is deceitful and wrong.

Jill Anthony