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Moorestown Relay for Life is set for June 7

On June 7 at Moorestown High School, the American Cancer Society will be holding its fifth annual Moorestown Relay for Life race. The event will bring together the communities of Moorestown and Delran to spread awareness and raise funds to fight cancer.

On June 7 at Moorestown High School, the American Cancer Society will be holding its fifth annual Moorestown Relay for Life. The event is a yearly fundraiser to bring the community together to raise money for cancer research and to bring awareness to the resources the Society offers.

This year, the Moorestown Relay for Life will be different. The event will also incorporate Delran’s Relay for Life. Sponsorships, ceremonies and vendors will cater to both communities, and residents from both townships can look forward to a day of fun and learning

“We’re doing the Moorestown Relay differently this year,” said event coordinator Vinny Napolitano. “Delran used to have their own Relay for Life, but it folded into ours. I don’t think there’s a real reason of why it folded, but ever since my first day coordinating the event, they just said Delran’s Relay for Life is part of ours now.

“With their relay folding into ours, it allows us to expand deeper into the community,” Napolitano continued. “Expanding it allows us to bring in bigger groups, businesses and even food vendors. That’s something that we haven’t had the opportunity to do in years past. Now you can get food at the event and support local vendors while supporting the American Cancer Society.”

The leadership team for the Relay for Life fundraiser consists of Moorestown and Delran volunteers, however for Napolitano, his reasoning for taking up a leadership role stems from a personal experience.

“I first participated in Relay for Life events when I was in college,” said Napolitano. “Then I participated the first year here as a team captain when my wife was the mayor. Later that year, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and he needed to receive treatment in Philadelphia. He was up in the Jersey Shore and it wasn’t possible for him to travel to Philadelphia every day and it wasn’t possible to travel from my house here.

“The American Cancer Society stepped in and gave him a place closer to his treatments, a shuttle to go back and forth and meals to eat,” Napolitano continued. “The way they stepped in gave my grandfather a safe place to focus on his battle. After seeing the positive impact they had, I’m happy to step in and show support because they offer support to people at dark times.”

Under Napolitano and the rest of the leadership staff, the Moorestown Relay for Life has set a goal to raise $75,000. While it’s the group’s highest and most ambitious goal, according to Napolitano, true success will be measured is measured in the number of people who come out and learn about what is out there that can assist in their own personal battle or someone they may know.

The Moorestown Relay for Life will feature a ceremony and a dinner for cancer survivors and will also include a multitude of activities for residents to enjoy. Those who are looking to support and donate to the American Cancer Society can go to www.relayforlife.org/moorestownnj. Businesses looking to become a sponsor can email relaymoorestown@gmail.com.

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