Letter to the Editor: Beware of speeders

Concerned resident Amanda Engelien penned a letter regarding speed demon drivers in Washington Township


The two ducks of Twin Ponds East, Winthorp and Felicia (Special to The Sun)

Editors note: Amanda Engelien penned this letter to speeding drivers in the Twin Ponds East section of Washington Township on the morning of April 30.

Slow down in developments! A speeder hit our resident duck this morning. Feathers were flying everywhere and the person did not even stop – probably because they were speeding, as is the norm in this development. Because the ducks have been returning to our development every spring for about six years, we named them Winthorp and Felicia. As we waited for animal control Winthorp was so upset he kept nudging Felicia to walk. When animal control showed, Winthorp kept circling. It was truly the saddest thing I witnessed in the wild. So shame on all of you that speed. Please teach your children to slow down. Next it will be a kid on a bike. Speed limit is 25 miles per hour. That’s the limit!

Amanda Engelien