Council adopts 2019 budget, promotes police from within

2019 budget adopted by council, state of township

Deptford Township swore in two officers into new positions at the May, 6 meeting, there to congratulate Capt. Ian McShane and Lt. David Grogan were, pictured from left: Chief Kevin Pancoast, Councilman Phil Schocklin, Councilman Ken Barnshaw, Councilman Joe Scott, Mayor Paul Medany, McShane, Grogan, Deputy Mayor Tom Hufnell, and Councilman Wayne Love. (ELDON GRAHAM/The Sun)

Deptford Township Council adopted the 2019 budget during its May 6 meeting at the Municipal Building.

The budget’s general appropriations come in at $35,881,340.79, approximately $600,000 more than last year’s budget. The township is thrilled with the outcome, especially with all the hard work the departments have put in to make the budget.

Mayor Paul Medany spoke on behalf of council to give his insight on the status of the township.

“It’s a year-round budget, the staff works on it all year long,” he said. “We have a great fund balance, our bond rating is at the top in Deptford’s history. We have clean audits, we keep the tax rating as stable as possible in the community and in this region. Plus, we are doing great things.”

Councilman Ken Barnshaw was also thankful to have the budget done and acknowledged those who worked on it.

“There is a lot of effort throughout the year working in a team fashion with department heads,” said Barnshaw. “What I am happy to report is that this town is in good financial condition. We have just come through the economical concerns in the region and the nation, and now we’re in an arena where things are turning around.”

In other news:

The council swore in Capt. Ian McShane and Lt. David Grogan. Both officers were honored in front of their families and fellow officers. McShane, promoted from lieutenant, felt it was an honor but didn’t let it faze him too much.

“It’s pretty much the same as yesterday, just a lot more responsibility,” he said.

He was thankful to have his family with him in attendance.

“Well, this is the third time this has happened for me. I’m very appreciative of that. Actually, the first time my parents missed it. They were supposed to be here, but they missed it. I’m glad they were able to make the last two,” said McShane.

Grogan, promoted from sergeant, described how he was feeling about the promotion.

“I’m proud of it. I’m 33 years old so I might be one of the younger ones to go through and get promoted this young. I worked hard, I studied hard for the test, so I think I deserve it,” he said.

Grogan has been a part of the Deptford police force for the past 12 years, and he realized his family has been there with him the entire way.

“They’ve all been around for the missed holidays, missed birthdays, nights and weekends,” he said. “They’ve all been around for it, so it’s nice to see them here and to have their support.”

The township announced a proclamation, naming the week, Municipal Clerks Week. Dina Zawadski, the township clerk, was honored to be recognized by the township, but wanted to do some recognition of her own.

“I do want to thank my staff for doing a wonderful Job and helping me succeed, being able to manage and have this great opportunity to work for Deptford Township for 24 years. If you don’t have a great staff, you really can’t do it, so I have to give kudos to my staff,” she said.

This council meeting saw the return of Councilman Joe Scott from sick leave.